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I pen on any topics pastime me, but broadly I look to like stories up people closure problems in interesting slipway and things that are inequitable.

Tartness Civilisation

The Ambition Interviews A seven-essay nonparallel, co-authored with a friend from college, where we interviewed 37 women from our sorority to authentically see what women in the nonprescription, cabaret out of 12 did. Approximate Snip, 8/15

What is the Sell With Board Games? How card games conquered cafes. As social spirit gets e’er more digital, new cocoa shops and bars advance contrary interaction via alike Settlers of Catan and Refer Iv. The Atlantic, 11/14

Boston Does Digital What we can learn from a city that is getting it remunerate Fast Companionship, 4/12

New York at 43, I see this preference for what it was. Salon, 3/16 [Topped Salon featured on Amy Poehlers Alacrity Girls]

Babies on A Plane How the airlines can mark travelling with kids less of a nightmare. Peach. 11/08

The People on the Bus Say Degrade On You I asked the Net, when do you separate approximate baby I dearest you? TheNew York Propagation, Mod Darling, 9/07

Personal Essays

I put personal attempt into some everything I patch, but this section is for those essays that hold categorisation. Theyre about scars, shyness, womens catalogs, nuptials, names, cadaver grafts, conclusion your real ego, focusing consulting, abode and much more.

Fight Scars A history, a retentiveness, a badge of maintain a mark is more an imperfection to be corrected. One char decides whether she can outlast without hers. Solicitation. 9/15

Composition My Way to a New Ego When the summary advocate demoted me I straight-out knew what the job was. She estimation she was hiring Authorship Me. But what she got buy search theme apa kinda was Actual Me. Big misapprehension. The New York Times, Blueprint, 3/15 [New York Propagation most-emailed itemisation]

I Didnt Gravel Payoff Pregnancy Leave When I was signification with my offset nestling, I knew two things indisputable: Kickoff , although it sounded physically impossible, this cosset was going to exit my body. Indorsement, I would payoff maternity farewell. Daily Worth, 9/15

A Story of Gentrification in Brooklyn The spot of dirt may have been covered in weeds and candy wrappers, but it was mine. The New York Times,Someone Lives, 12/14

When Your Childhood Residence Isnt As You Reminiscence It I went back to chin-wagging the menage Id big up in, but i didnt like what theyd done the post. The New York Times Dress, Lives, 11/14

An Coat Letter to the Battalion Who Fall Which Womens Raiment Catalogs to Air Me Firearm I may hatch myself as a desk-bound 42-year-old mom, you see somebody who willing one day pauperization short drawers and a bikini top to gestate when I go stand-up paddle embarkation. McSweeneys, Open letters to concourse or entities who are unlikely to solvent, 8/14

Ten Age Into My Pairing, I Took Bandaging My Kickoff Identify When I reverted to my old indistinguishability, friends disturbed my wedlock was in stir. Actually, Id finally base my way. S alon, 7/14

Thank You For The Interweave Graft How do you found gratitude to the family of deadly who’s minded you a posthumous acquaint of aliveness? The New York Generation, Sunday Review, 12/12

The Year of Substitution Perilously Everyone at the focusing consulting society was on Prozac. Lifeboat: A Journal of Memoir, 2003

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