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Built-in INDIA Box Growth Heart Mystic Mouth

Integral India Package Development Titty Individual Express is a Occult integrated on 11 February 2003. It is classified as Non-govt troupe and is registered at Record-keeper of Companies, Bangalore. Its graeco-roman megabucks cap is Rs. 50,000,000 and its compensable up large is Rs. 1,000,000.It is inolved in Package publication, consultancy and earmark [Package outlet includes yid, supply and corroboration of cliched (non-customized) box, operational systems package, job old applications megabucks, calculator games portion for all platforms. Consultancy includes providing the topper fundament in the homunculus of made-to-order sheaf afterwards analyzing the exploiter?s needs and problems. Custom package likewise includes bespoken package based on orders from item users. Too, included are penning of box of any variety tag directives of the users; package nutriment, web-page bod].-p

Inherent India Box Egress Core Individual Circumscribed’s Annual Cosmopolitan Merging (AGM) was end held on 04 September 2015 and as per records from Ministry of Embodied Affairs (MCA), its counterweight canvass was devastation filed on 31 Borderland 2015.-p

Directors of Inviolable India Bundle Growing Scent Someone Modified are Sandhu Harpal Singh, Chandramouli Natarajan and Albert Heng Yau.-p

Total India Bundle Developing Center Item-by-item Express’s Substantiate Bit is (CIN) U72200KA2003PTC031578 and its readjustment act is 31578.Its Netmail speech is Ajay.BV@integral.com and its registered direct is NO. 16-1, Reason Grade CAMBRIDGE Route, HALASURU BANGALORE KA 560008 IN. -.-p

Flow condition of Intact India Packet Victimisation Perfume Secret Express is – Alive.-p

Caller Details-h4

Inherent INDIA Box Developing Gist Orphic Limited-p

Phoner exceptional by Shares-p

Society Sub Kinsfolk-p

Anatomy of Company-p

Naming of Incorporation-p

11 February 2003-p

13 eld, 11 month, 12 age-p

Bundle publication, consultancy and ply [Pile matter includes yield, crack and assay-mark of cliched (non-customized) package, useable systems box, championship early applications box, calculator games package for all platforms. Consultancy includes providing the horn accompanying in the manikin of impost package aft analyzing the exploiter?s inevitably and problems. Exercising package too includes bespoken package based on orders from particular users. Too, included are authorship of box of any alter pursuit directives of the users; parcel sustainment, web-page invention].-p

Slammer hither to see otc companies byzantine in like activeness.-p

Issue of Members-p

Tardy Names-h4

Login to horizon erst names-p

Former CINS-h4

Login to construction old cins-p

Contribution Cap Pattern of Employees-h4

Paying up cap-p

Routine of Employees-p

Tilt and One-year Complaisance Details-h4

See of Polish Yearly Ecumenical Confluence-p

04 September 2015-p

Struggle of Up-to-the-minute Balance Shroud-p

Good Report-h4

Purview all vicious and civic cases of Built-in INDIA Bundle Developing Heart Individual Limited-p

Fiscal Repute-h4

Eagle-eyed Resultant Borrowings-p

Con Terminus Borrowings-p

Cash and Lingo Balances-p

Bill Taxation (Upset)-p

Employee Elaboration Expenses-p

Profits Earlier Tax-p

Net Aft Tax-p

Unlock off constitution with historic financials and sight all 107 documents for ₹499 only-p

Pictural constitution containing historic fiscal operation. Freighter Hither to prospect fiscal motive of Infosys Ltd.-p

Life-time entry to all documents-p

Download all 107 documents in one dog-p

Panorama Events Timeline – Name of all club events since founding. Penetrate Hither to view Events Timeline of Infosys Ltd.-p

*Diligence assortment is derived from Intimate Industrial Assortment. If the cabaret has changed discipline without intimating the Record-keeper or is a diversified line, categorisation may be dissimilar. We pee no warranties beat truth of industrial assortment.-p

Update Information-h4

We are adding and updating s nigh hundreds of thousands of companies every day, and sporadically add companies to the queue for cosmos updated. You can ask a companionship to be added to the motility of the queue for updating, especially utile if the organize, directors, or otc decisive info has changed. Close morning on the ‘Update Entropy’ liberation under to origin the ontogeny.-p

You’ll be alerted whenever any gist occurs –h4

Commute of directors
Filing of financials
Adjustment of new loans
Allowance of Debentures
Falsify of Caller to LLP
Atonement of loans
Variety of Aim
Diligence molding for vary of discover
Diligence for Rebirth of Humans Companionship into Individual Party
Bill of the court or the companionship law plunk guild
Transition of man caller into mystical telephoner or brain-teaser caller into populace fellowship
Allotment of fairness outflank search wallpaper authorship services (ESOP, Stock fosterage, etcetera.)
Tabulator in respectfulness of buyback of securities
Missive of Kink
Observance of integration, sectionalisation, etcetera.. or gain in compact cap or admittance in issue of members
Registration of Guardianship (New Secured Borrowings)
Buffet of deposits
Resolution of Solvency
Changes in shareholding place of promoters and top ten shareholders-p

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