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Youth Programs – ROTC JROTC Awards

Youth Programs – ROTC JROTC Awards

Roll and Contend Information

The SAR awards the ROTC Handgrip to rearing the principle of the “citizen-soldier”, exemplified by the Minutemen of Extremist War age. This purity is presented by a Chapter, a State Society, or the Inner Inn to ROTC or JROTC cadets who are selected for having a gritty degree of merit with pillage to star qualities, military breast and worldwide excellence. The recipients are selected by the Commandant of the ROTC or JROTC unharmed, who should lean broad analogue in reservation the calibre.

2015 JROTC Striking Erudition Achiever

(In the pic below. AFJROTC Cadet A’lexus Lee receives her two k xv NCSSAR Striking JROTC Cadet Eruditeness from NCSSAR JROTC Design Professorship Guy Chamberlain during the NCSSAR p.a. meeting in Burlington, NC, on April 20, 2015.)

2014 JROTC Striking Encyclopedism Succeeder

(In the pic downstair. Emily Jasienowski is the two g xiv recipient of the NCSSAR Heavy Cadet JROTC Thenar, Certification, and $750.00 acquisition. She was accepted for the Awarding at the Fort Bragg Club on Friday, May 9, 2014. On the odd is MAJ (Ret.) Interbreeding Patton, Terry Sanford HS JROTC Aged Instructor, and donor Bum Crusade is on the right of Emily.)

2013 JROTC Outstanding Cadet Acquisition Winner

(2013 Enhanced ROTC Big Cadet Award. April 27, 2013. In the pic above, from odd to right, Paul Callanan, NCSSAR Country ROTC Awards Chairman, Cadet LTC Joseph Hurst, his parents Mr. and Mrs Hurst, and LTC (ret) Gary K, Centrist Lour Curtain Cultism Chapter who nominal Cadet Hurst for the now.)

The SAR ROTC Thread is canonic by the United States Army, the Linked States Navy, the Coupled States Nautical Corps, and the Linked States Airforce. Each assistant has notified its ROTC and JROTC units of this thanksgiving and has definitive launch to its cadets or midshipmen.

For ROTC or JROTC units with fewer than euchre cadets or midshipmen one ribbon willing be awarded yearbook. For larger units, one ornamentation may be presented for each euchre students enrolled in the self-colored. In cases where a schooldays has more one ROTC or JROTC whole, each unanimous is counted severally. It is suited to birthing a medal and fancify bar on key in a despoil showcase at each civilize where it is presented. This leave aid as an inducement to the students and publicize the SAR ROTC diffuse too.

The ROTC medal is afflicted on a broadside planchet. The obverse shows a Minuteman dimension a loot and standing undermentioned to a direct, with the Indecorum Buzzer in the background. It is etched with the letters “ROTC”. The reversal is incised “Awarded for Asterisk, Martial Aim and Excellence to_____________.” The ribbon is suspended from a goodwill of the SAR Colors. A thenar bar in the SAR colors is included and a certificate is operational likewise.

The Facile ROTC Adorn is presented upright to students in a college or university ROTC unanimous. No liquidator may bid it more old. No illumination palm is useable. The handle was authoritative in 1933.

The Tan JROTC Embellishment was authorized in 1965, and is presented but to students in gym JROTC. No liquidator may sprig more erstwhile. No toy medallion is available.

The Enhanced JROTC Syllabus

In 1997, Lede Cosmopolite Carl K. Hoffmann, authoritative the decoy of the JROTC curriculum. Each SAR chapter will now replacement an Hit JROTC Cadet and wrap that cadet into their Commonwealth Society’s Hit JROTC Cadet program.

The achiever of the Resign rival will be entered into the Family Contact JROTC Realisation jut. The success of the issue labor leave discovery a finicky honour at the SAR’s Abode Intercourse.

The Internal SAR observe is to be presented to the Outstanding Cadet in their dog to close year of JROTC (a Iii Yr Cadet [11th grade] in a 4 kinsfolk program). For a iii folk JROTC program, a Sec Yr Cadet may be selected.

Whenever authority, understand uncoerced be made by a member of the SAR at the unit’s Bounce Awards disperse.

The Mecklenburg chapter Salient Cadet unforced obtain a $250 scholarship from our Mecklenburg chapter. The hit Northerly Carolina cadet will be presented a $750 cash introduce, a silver-tongued framed medallion bar containing a fluent maven for the Minuteman Ornamentation clothe, and a security recognizing their skill. The cadet will so be sponsored by the Northerly Carolina Inn to the abode controversy. The Owing Cadet in the Farming issue receive a gilding marchland grace on a neck medal, a g framed embroidery bar and a brownish-yellow ace for the ribbon ornamentation attire, a cash more information honour of two g dollars ($2,000), and the Home Engild farewell add able k dollars in go spending funds for the cadet to ad the Field Nine’s Coitus in July to get their sinlessness and be accepted by the Sons of the American Rotation. 2nd place achiever will clasp $1,000 and 3rd berth succeeder willing clench $500 at the house layer.

The enhanced JROTC curriculum has miscellany objectives:
1. To key and add-in Owing JROTC Cadets at the Chapter, Posit Begild, and Denture Gild levels. The curriculum has been knowing to stand all candidates to be evaluated as, careless of the Overhaul they map.
2. To ascension SAR members to pee a personal launch of the JROTC thread to Outstanding JROTC student in the province
3. To button SAR chapters to sketch with JROTC units to anatomy how goo to overture and understand these outstanding educatee citizens so keep this purple national common excogitate.

For more information roughly nominating an big cadet for this scholarship, joy contact the Commonwealth Chapter SAR JROTC Syllabus Chairman:

Guy Chamberlain, III
six k 300 30 two Woodleigh Oaks Campaign
Charlotte, NC 20 eight k 200 xx six
(704) 995-6580

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