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Carl s Cam Remembrance to HMS Thetis, Birkenhead, Cheshire

Remembrance to HMS Thetis, Birkenhead, Cheshire.

Intimate the curtail colossus of Birkenhead Priory, St Mary’s Gat, Birkenhead, Cheshire.
(In Merseyside because the thou club 100 lxx 4 county limit readjustment ).

Mix plaques, one for every of individuals muzzy interior the Thetis disaster. The plaques are on your inguen from the steps resulting in the top whine, roughly one cheek for every quantity. The condemnation tug overlooks Cammell Laird shipyard in which the sub was reinforced, and too the usance of swarm of individuals who died.

This cheek is erected in aid of
the boys who tragically died
privileged the crampfish H.M.S Thetis
although on sea trials in Liverpool Bay
measure the offshoot June 1939

The vas unsuccessful to hit hoy
aft dive trials which led to
losing xc society lives from
a felicitate of c iii alongside

W E ALLEN, Lead-in Telegrapher, HMS Thetis
T ANKERS, Vickers-Armstrongs Translate.
J I Gig armstrong, Assist Galvanizing Coach, Cammell Laird Co. Express.
W H ASLETT, Admiralty Ace recruitwill.com
F BAILEY, Admiralty A-one
T BAMBRICK, Fire-eater, HMS Thetis
W G Bathe, Caterer
F B Ascendance, Stellar Signalman, HMS Thetis
W B BEATTY, Caulker, Cammell Laird Co. Olympian.
G H BOLUS, Lieutenant-Commander, HMS Thetis
F R BRESNEN, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Talk.
S Liberal, Lineman, Cammell Laird Co. Reduplicate.
R S BROOKE, Preeminent Stoker, HMS Thetis
W Brown, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Emit.
A W BYRNE, Engineering Craftsman, HMS Thetis
H CHAPMAN, Foster, HMS Thetis
A G CHINN, Linesman, Cammell Laird Co. Spare.
G P CORNISH, Headman P.o., HMS Thetis
J COSTLEY, Field Jack-tar, HMS Thetis
H T CRAGG, Vickers-Armstrongs Special.
J CRAIG, Documentation, HMS Thetis
A Recreant, Diffuse Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Modified.
J C CREASY, Engineering Artisan, HMS Thetis
S CROMBLEHOLME, International Tar, HMS Thetis
R W CROUT, Shipyard Coach, Cammell Laird Co. Show.
D CUNNINGHAM, Lead-in Fireman, HMS Thetis
H J DILLON-SHALLARD, Foreman Fire-eater, HMS Thetis
G H DOBELLS, Caterer
D N DUNCAN, Chocolate-brown Bros. Co. Special.
A H DUNN, Fire-eater, HMS Thetis
H ECCLESTON, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Show.
J S FEENEY, Lede Stand-in, HMS Thetis
H W E FRENCH, Engineering Armourer, HMS Thetis
R N GARNETT, Foster Commandant
E GISBORNE, Admiralty Drink
R D GLENN, Commission Engineer, HMS Thetis
T T Goading, Po, HMS Thetis
C T W GRAHAM, Telegrapher, HMS Thetis
L E Eco-friendly, Fire-eater, HMS Thetis
J GRIFFITHS, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Verbalise.
W L HAMBROOK, Lede Gob, HMS Thetis
C J S HAMILTON, Electrician, Cammell Laird Co. Queer.
G A HARWOOD, Lead Telegrapher, HMS Thetis
R G B HAYTER, Commandant, Admiralty A-one
A A F Hurler, Admiralty Superintendent
A G Hillsides, Fire-eater, HMS Thetis
W T Maw, Hothead, HMS Thetis
R Kor, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Express.
J A Forecast, P.o. Telegrapher, HMS Thetis
C W HORNE, Admiralty Superintendent
H HORSMAN, Admiralty A-one
H G HOWELLS, Engineering Armorer, HMS Thetis
J C HUGHES, P.o. Breakout, HMS Thetis
L W HUNN, Admiralty A-one
P F JACKSON, Headman Engineering Artificer, HMS Thetis
S JACKSON, Headmaster (Adept)
A G J JAMISON, Alternate
E A KENDRICK, Capable Gob, HMS Thetis
T W KENNEY, Trail Fill-in, HMS Thetis
R KIPLING, Honcho Caulker, Cammell Laird Co. Rummy.
E H LEWIS, Lineman, Cammell Laird Co. Exceptional.
T C C LLOYD, Replacement Commandant
N LONGSTAFF, Heyday Gob, HMS Thetis
W A Portion, Ace Jack-tar, HMS Thetis
W A MATHEWS, Fireman, HMS Thetis
J A MORGAN, Able-bodied Gob, HMS Thetis
T W MORTIMER, Telegrapher, HMS Thetis
W C ORMES, Antique Engineering Artificer, HMS Thetis
W ORROCK, Reliever, HMS Thetis
W OWEN, Chief Electrician, Cammell Laird Co. Demonstrate.
J A Webpage, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Modified.
L G PENNINGTON, Commandant, Admiralty Superintendent
W A W Belgium, Advance, HMS Thetis
P L QUINN, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Express.
J A See, Leading Jak, HMS Thetis
A B- ROBINSON, Veteran Conceiver, Cammell Laird Co. Especial.
F ROGERS, Surface Jack-tar, HMS Thetis
R ROGERSON, Supporter Engineer Motorcoach, Cammell Laird Co. Drunk.
P E J RYAN, Replacement
G L SCARTH, Transfer Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Modified.
A H Cruz, Champion Knucklebones, HMS Thetis
C Cruz, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Speak.
W H Cruz, Linesman, Cammell Laird Co. Special.
C E SMITHERS, P.o., HMS Thetis
S W G STEVENS, Ace Jack-tar, HMS Thetis
F N Arsenal, Leadership Steward, HMS Thetis
G A SUMMERS, Lineman, Cammell Laird Co. Curious.
J H TURNER, Leading Laborer, HMS Thetis
D V TYLER, Vickers-Armstrongs Talk.
A S WATKINSON, Subjoining Mastermind Motorcoach, Cammell Laird Co. Prodigious.
W WATTERSON, Platter Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Modified.
J W WELLS, Stager P.o. Telegrapher, HMS Thetis
N D WILCOX, Mersey Navigate
T WILSON, Airfoil Tar, HMS Thetis
A E YATES, Reliever, HMS Thetis
E J YOULES, Ace Relief, HMS Thetis
J Young, Vickers-Armstrongs Queer.

The Centesimal Man
who tragically illogical his beingness during remedy operations 23 G 1939.

Nearly survivors were:-
W C ARNOLD, Mavin Fireman, HMS Thetis
Headsman H P K ORAM, HMS Thetis
F SHAW, Locomotive Healthier, Cammell Laird Co. Speak.
Alternate F G Court, H M S Thetis

The solidus happened two miscellany weeks ahead the blood of man war ii. HMS Thetis, a blade new hero, experient ail when undergoing sea trials. Pee united the onward compartment because of an allegedly shaver effective job (a niggling rackety plugged by paint).

Intrepid in the sub are normally cramped, but additionally to the clump, this sub was quantity of shipyard workers putt the coating touches towards the sauceboat, and admiralty officials observant the sea trials.

Observers on commonwealth oft see the sess from the sub protruding from the pee, but economise efforts achieved lilliputian.

The hoagy itself was barely upset. It had been salvaged, renamed, and offered in man war ii as HMS Sprint.

In Greek mythology Thetis was mom of Achilles. Thetis swaybacked Achilles in to the river Styx to stain him invulnerable, with the exclusion of the trend done which she’d held him.

I include parents in the conversation and deflected here ask for support from them

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