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The procrastinator is restricted to take what the lifestyle presents him and he/she no seeks to improve his condition if this requires some attempt: he/she will consume fresh before cooking, may peel the orange along with his teeth before growing to take a knife, will don clothing nearest before seeking another better, merely uses inherited engineering before investigating. — They do not get excited about extraneous incidents — they don’t become enthusiastic about the outcomes — Their ideas stay in suggestions, do not become specifics. 1) The passive, psychological without resonance (1). Restless people. He be worried about the ideas of others. Has contradictions. Moody. They’re inconstant individuals. The expressive, the thoughtful people.

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They are simple for complaint. Trying to find solitude. Overflowing creativity. With low outside activity and a lot of internal life. 3) The inactive, no emotional without resonance. Indifferent with their environments. Not serious neither in past neither later on. 4) The inactive, no psychological with resonance. Connection for their views, once adopted.

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He loves the calm, dull and separate existence. Rancorous, problematic for the reconciliation. Closed and sketchy people, having a propensity to depression. Lifestyles as secured. COROLLARY Somebody may think that passivity or delay shouldn’t become a difficulty regardless, that the apathy or inactivity are simply just a flaw that is overcome by the workout of advantage, anything irregular and reprehensible…, that, inside the worst situations and when the commitments are fulfilled, we could leave the procrastinator enjoy his “dolce far niente”…, but sometimes the truth is unpleasant: to the correct procrastinator lacks resources that all has except them. This is a group of “unique” people, who’ll require help, somehow, carry-forward a lifestyle method that’s at least adequate. Es bedarf der www.hausarbeithilfe.com/ bestätigung durch die praxis

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