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Roving Coating Maturation Programme

Portion agencies contrive, acquire, essay and launching anytime, anyplace, any twist wandering products and services for the world.

  • Project —Build a fluid scheme, see what over-the-counter agencies sustain through, use new acquisitions tools to receive top roving developers.
  • Develop— Produce large nomadic apps and sites exploitation nomadic exploiter live guidelines. Startle commencement growth by leverage pre-existent inscribe.
  • Test— Shuffle certain your app deeds on all devices by leverage machine-driven and in the wilderness examination keep. Quiz for surety availableness.
  • Launch— Let masses experience yours is an prescribed governance app by registering it. Get your app in the app stores and leveraging API’s for promoting your apps.
  • See what former agencies are doing in the peregrine spa on the Federal Roving Apps Directory.
  • Hear how agencies created these fluid products with our more 25 Peregrine Gov Suit Studies.
  • Make your Assertion of Work RFP-EZ by leverage our Sampling Catching Speech for Peregrine SOWs for intersection exploitation (apps, nomadic web), examination and code-sharing.
  • Use the Wandering Merchandise Examination Guidelines and Resources pulled from regime and the secret sphere usable in iv areas: certificate/privateness, availableness, functionality/UX and app execution.
  • Accelerate your accomplishment of examination services with cliched taste SOW speech with roving developer qualifications.
  • Leveraging a crowd-sourced kitty of federal volunteers to run your fluid web app/locate on a blanket reach of wandering devices with the Federal Crowdsource Nomadic Examination Platform.
  • Make mobile-enabled websites with antiphonal conception and good multimedia capabilities with Sites.USA.gov.
  • Recycle roving cypher (frameworks, modular encipher and unharmed apps) and leveraging examination scripts poised from multiple secret and world sphere sources on our Fluid Cypher Communion Catalogue.
  • Get your roving products intentional rightfulness, from the commencement, victimisation the Fluid Gov Exploiter See Guidelines and Recommendations.
  • Use the federal favorable Price of Serving agreements and get your app in the app stores.
  • Registry your roving intersection (app or wandering website) with the Federal Fluid Products Register for emplacement on the Federal Wandering Apps Directory.
  • Upgrade! Use the Federal Fluid Intersection API and produce widgets to highlighting yours and former agencies’ nomadic products.
  • Let us cognize when your ware launches and we bequeath assistant get the countersign out victimization DigitalGov.gov!

Whats Adjacent

This is a beginningwell keep to get new tools to assistant you produce roving products for the world. Liaison us via e-mail and distinguish us what you pauperization.

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