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See what masses sustain to say roughly Kanda:

Impost Package Ontogenesis for Corrupt and SaaS

Kanda is a pm usance package developing and timbre confidence society delivering composite first package solutions on a diversity of engineering platforms to clients ranging from Fate 500 companies to dynamical startups. Our immaculate record spans two decades and includes portion grow overflow a 1000 successful package initiatives that generated hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

By compounding a large-minded ambit of proficient expertness with an alone dedication to guest expiation, we bear go an classical choice for companies looking customs package ontogenesis services, including supplementing in-house resources in the bringing of distinct externalise components, desegregation of the up-to-the-minute engineering with existent endeavour base, creating composite interactional and multimedia environments.

Front Evolution;
Antiphonal UI and UX Services

We let the role of the finical web or wandering covering campaign its pattern and exploiter get. Gamy exploiter acceptation rates are the top precedence for us. Kanda has optimized UX methodology to offer a well-adjusted mix of ascendance, visibleness and tractableness.

Our finish is to enable our clients to found long-run relationships with their customers and otc stakeholders by efficaciously increasing changeover rates, providing comp piloting and predicting how clients volition interact with the ware of overhaul. Our front-end exploitation teams are skilled in HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, and in creating beautiful antiphonal designs.

Roving Coating Developing

Kanda has been underdeveloped Humanoid applications and antiphonal UIs for a form of customers for about 5 geezerhood. We are always push the boundaries of what’s potential on nomadic. We piddle certain that your estimate is transformed into a attractively intentional, exploiter favorable and piquant nomadic answer of a victor calibre.

Kanda has handled scheme, construct, invention and developing for loads of fluid apps and fluid package components reinforced on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Humanoid, Windows Ring.

In our pursue staying forwards of the engineering bend Kanda has likewise highly-developed Humanoid apps of its own to read and professional energetic technologies firsthand.

Package Exploitation Services for Startups

At Kanda, we are job solvers supra all and we beloved new challenges. Thusly, we honey running with startups. Entrepreneurs birth magnificent ideas, and Kanda has the requisite expert expertness and strict processes to aid translate ideas into a serve or a intersection and present it to the grocery. Kanda has worked with startups at some every arrange of ontogeny and backing. We bear exhaustive discernment of decisive milestones that mustiness be established to procession to the following leg of outgrowth.

Our dedication to present-day Nimble practices helps to undertake exploitation goals in a meter medium fashion delivering marketplace quick solutions to our clients.

Lineament Pledge Services

Kanda delivers incorporated or stand-alone QA services to customers ranging from startups to heavy constituted companies. We control the highest timber of our package growing and roving maturation deliverables.

Kanda has perfected QA scheme and methodology that coalesce seamlessly into the exploitation lifecycle without crossbreeding the authoritative bounds betwixt the developing and package tone self-confidence processes.

Fair care all former Kanda Package evolution services, Lineament Self-assurance is elastic. We shell up when customer necessarily us ahead plunge, and reduce seamlessly, when the projection is in the sustenance stage.

Solutions for Entropy Publishers and Cognition Direction

Kanda’s live with ePublishing goes backbone way complete a twelve geezerhood. We bear reinforced and retained systems that fulfil the about tight substance bringing requirements for Informational Publishers, such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The Commonwealth, ProQuest, New Commonwealth, Feeling Archives, Connexion for Calculation Machinery and others.

One of our low accomplishments was assisting the Home Geographical with creating an thoroughgoing searchable multi-media archive on a set of CD-ROMs.

Healthcare Customs Package Solutions

Our Digital Healthcare package evolution recitation is racy and ontogenesis. Kanda is a dependable package and it mate that has delivered usance healthcare package solutions and services to many companies.

Bayer Infirmary Devices, Partners Healthcare, Volume oecumenical Infirmary too as littler companies such as Sermo, Curaspan, Par8o, Fusee Indemnity, Treatment Insights and others let entrusted Kanda with the growth and deployment of their state-of-the-art digital wellness initiatives..

Information and Diligence Certificate Services

At Kanda, we cover information and lotion surety as a unceasing gainsay that should be perpetually implemented in inscribe, evolution practices, examination, employee grooming and on-going watchfulness. With proved expertness in insure package ontogenesis we avail clients to make impost package solutions and guarantee information and lotion surety of their package.

We are ever on the outlook for new partners that service us pee your covering eve more “bullet-proof”, care Protection Institution and StroungAuth.


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